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If you are not aware of this quickly increasing trend in countertops and then think of this as your formal introduction! Indeed, concrete countertops are rapidly replacing marble, granite, and stone countertop options—and there’s a great reason behind it. For one, concrete countertops feature nearly all the fantastic attributes of stone kitchen countertops, including smoothness and durability, yet their price is almost half the cost. Concrete countertops Tampa FL provides more advantages than granite—particularly with regards to style. You can personalize concrete countertops to the specifics of shape, size, and color. You will be asking yourself then if you can find some drawbacks to concrete countertops. Some small disadvantages include staying away from immediate contact associated with a hot pan or pot w/ the countertop. It can also result in discoloration and harm to the finish. With the number of fashionable and fancy trivets nowadays, you can use it to your benefit and buy several cheap trivets on your concrete countertops.

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Furthermore, you are going to need to stay away from direct chopping or cutting on the countertops. Many homeowners opt to get installed cutting boards directly into the concrete’s surface to avoid this particular inconvenience. This is an excellent way to put in another personalized touch with your concrete countertop. Also, one minor issue is the hairline cracks that happen due to concrete’s normal shrinkage. These particular cracks are barely noticeable and might even look like designs. You can stop more significant cracks with an excellent installation of countertops, cabinet, and sinks. Before you begin and purchase your concrete countertop: you will have to check if your kitchen cabinet can help support the concrete’s weight. Many should, so this shouldn’t be an issue for most regular concrete countertops. If you are concerned, get a competent carpenter or concrete contractor look it over for you.

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Concrete Countertops Tampa FL

Concrete countertops are created in two methods: in the store or your own house. Although you can have less mess with the precast style, it restricts your design and shape choices allowing it to make for a precarious delivery as there’s the possibility that the countertop might break. You can observe how your marvelous new concrete countertops are made and installed with your own eyes. As with most concrete countertops, your builder will complete the task off with a sealant. That is usually needed as concrete is generally porous and must be protected to become resistant to stains. Be sure you employ a trustworthy concrete constructor who will help clean the area after the task.

With the limitless elegance and longevity that concrete countertops offer, one will imagine that they’d cost you much more than similar countertops like granite—but they do not! In reality, they cost practically half of the price of granite tops. Remember that the cost of installation can be approximately forty dollars to fifty dollars per hour. The more significant and more comprehensive specifications you include, the more expensive the countertops will be. The purchase price will be steeper when you select a curved or unusual shaped design, two-inch-thick countertops, or even custom edges. Despite these additional details, you still can expect to spend a reasonable price on these unique concrete countertops’ infinite attractiveness. In the recent past, concrete countertop Tampa can see an increase in recognition among homeowners for its durability and beauty.